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Grandma's Kitchen (The Reveal)

Grandma’s Kitchen - Stop Doing Life & Start Living Life

May 2022 — Grandma is so excited that you came by to check-in!...and giving her a reason to cook up something to fuel your Journey along Harmony 2022!

For May, we are focusing on transitioning from Doing Life to Living Life!

The card(s) you select focuses on:

Reconnecting to your Heart's Desires and actually Doing something to Manifest it!

Clearing up the old way of Living to make space for Purposeful Lifestyle changes!

Bringing attention and intention to build the Bridge of Competency to get over to the other side of Living a more Fulfilling and Purposeful Life!

Grandma asks 'How have your eating patterns been? Have you been feeding your Souls Vision or got caught up in just eating any 'ol thing Either way I got some Soul Food just for you. Make sure to take enough to eat along the way and while you're at home with you too!

Know where you are Heading, Know what you need to do! Have Courage and Stamina to Do it!

I Am Moon Goddess, The Reflection of Light from The Sun.

I Aim to Promote Self-Healing Practices.

I Aim to Encourage All Levels of Growth.

I Aim to Spread Love.

I Aim to Nourish the Soul.

I Aim to Calm the Tides.

I Aim to Inspire a Better Self.

I Aim to Enhance Peace.

I Aim to Cultivate Awakened Minds.

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