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Grandma's Kitchen for December 6 - 15, 2020: The Reveal

Grandma has noticed that many of us are really feeling the Shift that took place over the last few weeks and its partly due to Chiron's Retrograde in Aries which is going back direct on the 15th. That shift was like a wake up call to the "Procrastination" that we've been doing with Chiron's lesson. View previous post for more information about Chiron.

This week’s card focuses on Innerstanding your Wounded Healer. It shall shed Light on your wound/hurt/pain that are challenging you. It is the wound(s) that always manage to pop up, sporadically, and feels like a theme in your life. The Light will show you the Path of Self-Healing from that and using it to Inspire others.

🧠Reflection Questions of this week’s card:

  • What wound(s) are you constantly reminded of?

  • When do you find yourself thinking about it? What situations remind you of it?

  • What patterns or cycles are you repeating when you notice your wound? Do you pick at the “scab” by reacting before responding? Do you avoid the healing process by ignoring it? Are you assisting the healing?

  • What have you Learned about that Experience? Are you going to Apply the Lesson?

  • Are you willing to Accept the Experience for what it is and Transform this Hurt into Inspiration for yourself and others?

Keep this in mind as your card(s) are Revealed in your Weekly Soul Food:

[1.] Psychic Development (5) -- Something has affected your Self-confidence, therefore you are faced with Overcoming that so you can Learn how to Trust your Intuition. Forgive yourself for not trusting your intuition in the past. The Effort/Work you do in this aspect will Enhancing your ability to be more Aware of the energy around you so that you utilize Discernment. Sometimes we have to set aside our personal feelings and our human attempt to use logic to explain or decide. By Trusting your Intuition, it can help you to Protect Your Peace. You can help others by Exemplifying the Benefits of Trusting Intuition. When something feels off, SLOW DOWN, take a moment, and decide how to proceed. Practice GRACE! You will Thank yourself later. Allow the results to be your reminder of why you should keep at it.

[2.] Changes (29) -- The wound(s) you are feeling are due to your Resistance to Change. I get it, you want to be Modest as well as Protect others, but you are allowing Hurt to find you. You are overextending yourself. Chances are that you have a history of being an overworker, people-pleaser, and overall, not giving yourself the Love that you are so readily to Give Out. Big Changes are ahead so it is important to Balance your Inner World. Practice more Self-care and Loving-Kindness to others. Keep your Cup Full. Don’t allow Love to Blind you from those who take advantage of your Love. Create your Boundaries and Stick to them. By doing this, you are also an example for others in two ways… 1. You teach them how to Practice Self-Care/Love & 2. You teach them how to Create/Respect Boundaries. Even “small” Changes lead to “big” Changes.

[3.] Joy (42), R -- Your wound comes from giving your Joy away and/or not Embracing what brings you Joy. I feel as though it is due to a lot of Comparisons being made when you were younger and that habit has followed into your adult life. This is particularly hard for you because you are so Giving AND you are super Passionate about Goals so it’s like a tug of war. Stop worrying so much about what everyone else is doing and/or saying. They are on a completely separate Journey than you! You cannot lose any Noun that is meant for you. Determine what exactly brings you Joy. “Faith, Grace, Gratitude, and Love all merge together, in different amounts and at different times, to Create Joy.” Therefore, Joy is different from Happiness. Joy is long-term and Happiness is temporary. Joy is always within you and is your Divine right, Happiness is a tool for enhancing your Joy. Tap into your Inner child because it knows all about Joy. Joy is Intangible, just like having a Spirit. Feed it!

[4.] Ancient Wisdom (34), R -- Your wound comes from not Learning and/or Applying the Lesson(s)! Stop playing. Pay Attention! The Wisdom is there, within you and all around you. Apply them lessons! If you have weeds in your garden and you do not like that, but you don’t do anything about it...your garden is going to be a hot mess. The same concept is applied to the things going on within your life. I know it hurts, but it’s time to get to the Healing! You are more than capable of having the Strength and Courage for it takes to Evolve from a State of Hurt to Healed. When you are reminded of your wounds, give your Attention and an Intention, but stop/pause whenever you feel like you’re going down a mental rabbit hole. Yes, do what you gotta do (cry, yell in your pillow, etc.), but no matter what… Get back to figuring out how to uproot this Wound/weed from your Life’s Garden. Get up and Heal!


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