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Grandma's Kitchen for January 17 - 30, 2021: The Reveal

Grandma is so excited about 2021! Yes, 2020 was quite....interesting. HOWEVER, Grandma’s telling you to Fix your Crown and Utilize this 2021 Year of Change! The Universe is ever Changing and so should You! The Universe, the World...we live in is Changing! In case 2020 didn't Clear Your Vision.

I repeat... The World we once lived in is going through a major Shift. Are You Evolving too?



This week’s card focuses on Getting into the Flow of 2021. This card(s) will Shine Light on what you are to Keep in Mind, not only over the next two weeks, but throughout the first quarter of 2021. Use this card as a Tool for Setting your Seeds (Intentions & Goals) for Spring 2021. Keep this in mind as you select your card(s).

🧠Reflection Questions of this week’s card:

  • What has 2020 Revealed to you?

  • Based on the events, what do you want to Change?

  • What are your Life Goals?

  • Are you Being What You Seek?

Keep this in mind as your card(s) are Revealed in your Weekly Soul Food:

[1.] Creativity (39, R) -- Connect to your Inner Child and tap into what brings you Joy. Seriously reflect on the type of Life that would bring you Joy. You can relate your Childhood joys to what brings you Light now. Explore new Curiosities! Journal, Meditate, Hang Outside, Dance, Read Books, and/or Listen to Music from back in the day! Give yourself the Opportunity to Create something new as well. Think outside of the box! To Create is to Be in Flow of Your Higher Path. Embrace the New Opportunity, Inspiration and/or New Way of Being. We are Spirits having a Human Experience!.

[2.] Psychic Development (5, R) -- You're more Sensitive to Self-Awareness so in turn, you are in tune with your Environment and Cosmically with the Planets. You can Greatly benefit at this time from Visualization. Anyone can use this technique, but your Intunement ( -Is that even a word?) is super powerful due to your Mind's Eye aka ability to Envision and Create Mental pictures. This can Assist you with finding the Ease out of the 2021 = 5 = Changes that are happening. Use Visualization as you answer the Reflection questions and as you Observe yourself throughout the next two weeks. Based on your Observations, what Changes do you Seek to Manifest?

[3.] Emotional Release (37, R) -- Let it go!! The old way of life is long gone! "Stop replaying that Story" as Iyanla Vanzant has said. Reflect and Innerstand that Life is Changing and for you it may feel like its drastic. However, you've been Preparing for this all Along! That's why all of this is coming up for you now because you have Acknowledged the "drastic" Indications of discontent and Know the Time to Leave those memories behind is Now. Only Reminding yourself of the Lesson(s) from the Experience(s). Accept the Lesson(s) and Apply them Moving Forward.

Accept what IS. Let it Go. Move Forward in the Direction of the Life that You Seek!

To Change your OuterWorld, It Starts Within. "As Within, So Without"

**Also look at card 1 for Inspiration of a Safe and Healthy Outlet of these emotions. Top off your Release by Hyping yourself up afterwards!! Turn on some music! Play some games! Just do something Fun!

[4.] Teaching (14, R) -- You may not have Realized this but others are Observing you because your Natural Way of Being Inspires their Self-Love. Accept it as a Compliment to your Character and Do not overthink this. You can use your 2020 Experiences to Teach others how to Accept their Experiences. For some reason, I feel like if you chose this card, Self-Accountability is one of your Strengths, even if you're just able to Admit to them to yourself. However, give yourself the Opportunity to Openly express your Self-Accountability and Focus on the Application of this in your Life in Totality. You will open yourself to a lot more Opportunities in your Life by doing so. Therefore, Pay Attention to how 2021 Flows for you. Be Intentional about your Actions, too! Be a Teacher and a Student.


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