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The Story of Moon Goddess Tarot


For years, I always Catered and Nurtured to the Emotions and Wellbeing of Others before I would Nurture my own until I got to college. I began Growing in my own INNERstanding and diving deep into my Spirituality. I was just beginning to see the tip of the iceberg in Re-Discovering the Inner Knowledge Hidden inside me. I met my son’s father shortly after graduating and things were great until I began feeling more and more out of touch with Who I was as the months and years passed. My Spirit simply was not right and I just felt a major disconnect with Spirit and Self.

I was having a difficult time being able to fully process my Emotions like I once was able to do in college and being able to effectively communicate all that I was feeling. All the things I thought I outgrew from childhood resurfaced and I felt like my Inner Child was screaming for Healing once and for all. It wasn’t until I had a dream that woke me up out of my slumber into tears because I knew that it was time to end things. As time went on, I began Dedicating myself back to the things I found valuable and recommitting to the beliefs that saved me from depression back in college. Around this time, I received my second tarot reading as mentioned in my bio which gave me the push and motivation to get back to Self.

To Recommit to my Personal Truths.

In June 2018, I attended the Healing Place Retreat hosted by Ajna Surah and several other amazing Beings of Light. That whole experience was so Beautifully Curated, with Amazingly loving vibes. It was a truly life-changing event. I felt like I finally found my tribe of people who LOVED like me! During my time there, I was Divinely blessed to attend a guided meditation led by Shaman Durek. Divinely blessed because not only was it led by Shaman Durek, but extra spots had just opened moments before the event was scheduled to start. While at the event, I admit it took awhile for me to loosen up and focus on what I was there to do. However, once I began to get Grounded and Embraced the meditation, I felt so at ease and at home in my Self. I had my first encounter with one of my spirit guides who is also one of my Ancestors, my Great-Uncle Butch. I smiled and cried as I literally felt him embrace and hug me to let me know that he understood why I unable to come visit him before his passing and reassured me that all is well it.

Shortly after the vision came…

I saw my feet hovering water first. As my vision expanded, I realized I was hovering over a large body of water for which I assume was the ocean. Even while I was having this vision, I felt my heart rate speed up, but I stayed calm to focused on seeing more of the vision. As I became more aware of myself standing there, I noticed I was wearing a white flowy dress and I literally felt the wind rubbing against my skin. As I began looking at my surroundings, it was a bit dark, but I saw and heard the ocean waves crashing around me as well. It’s difficult to explain what I felt, but it was breathtaking. When I returned my focus back on myself, I noticed there was a beacon of light glaring near my toes, so I followed the light. The Light led me to a HUGE, BRIGHT, BEAUTIFUL MOON!

At that very moment, the Purpose of this Vision made sense! The Moon and I was one. Just as the Moon controls or influences the tide, I can control or influence the sea of emotions around me, including those of my own. It all made sense that I needed to be able to distinguish my emotions from the emotions of others. I learned that my ability to Understand, Innerstand, and Overstand myself and other bits of information that the Divine shared with me, could be utilized in a way to guide others. This night, I became Moon Goddess. I became the embodiment of the Nurturing Mother for myself and others. I became the Reflection of the Light in times of Darkness for myself and for others. A month later, I accepted my Purposeful Gift of Vision, I decided that I would simply be a Vessel in Assisting others in Re-Discovering their own Hidden Truths to Heal through Tarot.


NY'ASIA (Personal Reading)

Thank you so much for my reading today. It was on point; the cards gave me confirmation of what I’ve been praying about. You’re dope and talented keep it going!


(Personal Reading)

I can’t stop smiling from that reading. I understand how everything that was said applies to my life. I feel like I have a whole new outlook on life, I can’t wait until my next reading!!

DANIELLE (Personal Reading)

This was my first tarot reading and everything that Quiana said was very accurate. It was so in tune with my feelings and what I’m going through right now. I think it’s something I’m going to do regularly to get insight and direction.

ZIPPORAH (Personal Reading)

This was my first time ever getting a reading, and I am very thankful for it. I thank you for sharing your time, energy, and guidance with me, and I won’t let it go in vain. Everything that you said resonated with me and helped confirm some things for me. Also, it helped me to know that I’m where I’m supposed to be right now, but I just have to straighten up a bit.

RICKI ELAM (Personal Reading)

I wanna shine some light on my sis and fellow reader… the WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, FLY ASS GODDESS right here for my reading in regard to some personal shit. Sis was SPOT ON! I encourage any reader to seek out other points of views. She is so easy going, her readings make you feel like you done gossiped, cried and known her for years! She is SO WORTH it! Book with her and tell her and tell her I sent you.

MARVIN (Personal Reading)

Although this was not my first reading, it was my first one in a while. I really appreciate you taking time out and not only taking for fortune but relaying the information to me in a way I can understand. I thought you did a wonderful job explaining what the cards meant and how they related to me and what I needed to do. Additionally, I also appreciated how you summarized everything up at the end, asking if I had any follow-up questions about the readings and sent me the pictures of the cards.

DARIAN (Grandma's Kitchen)

I picked Left and it was spot on and in alignment with what I feel that Creation has been trying to tell me. I needed to take those moments and embrace the different changes that are around me. I don’t know… it’s almost like I wasn’t seeing anything, but when I took the time to open my eyes and take the time to see… that I didn’t even notice the flowers in my front yard are blooming, the birds were singing, and the leaves on the big oak tree are starting to bud. I needed to breathe because I get so overwhelmed that I forget to really appreciate life and how raw and ever-changing it is. I sat outside this weekend and just ook in the moment. I didn’t realize how bad I was feeling until I did this exercise so I thank you Goddess.

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