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Grandma's Kitchen - February 2 - 15, 2020: The Reveal

Grandma asks again.. What Negative Energy/Innergy kept coming up for you? Whether it is your own thoughts, feelings or projections from others. Regain Focus and stop dragging your feet on the issue. What’s holding you back? What “Challenge(s)” do YOU Believe are getting in the way??

This week’s card is Focusing on how you can Release/FREE YourSelf from seeing the situation as a “challenge”, but to see it as an Opportunity for Elevation to a Higher Level of Self that is Leading to Inner Serenity! You are to Transform the Concept of Our Greatest “Challenge” to the Greatest Opportunity! The only way Out is Through. Step out of the Victim-mindset.

**Reverse meaning the energy is amp/amplifying/amplified and it’s calling for your attention.**

Weekly Soul Food 

[1.] Struggle (32)  — The Universe seems to think you LIKE the Struggle. From it’s perspective, you haven’t Made it Clear that you want to Overcome the challenge so you are only Attracting more struggles. Prove it to Yourself! You talk about it and you think about it, but you haven’t been seriously in thought about making Clear Intentions to Get Out. Most of this has to do with Fears and wanting to stay in your Comfort Zone. You want more, but WHAT IS IT That You Seek?? The difficulty is Solidifying the Inner Knowing and Accepting all that you truly want!

---- You must Transform your Mindset to Knowing that the “challenges” you are seeing are really Learning Opportunities that you can use to your Advantage! This Knowledge is Lighting up the pathway so you can make it Out of the Struggle tunnel! If needed and in the Positive form, write down the Lessons that you have Learned to Remind you. Be Honest with YourSelf.

[2.] Home (44), R — Reflect on Your Views imprinted by your Upbringing and the mindset of those who you grew up around. Do they mostly have Optimistic views or Pessimistic views? Do they see things as Challenges or Opportunities? This can be a Clear indication of your own mindset regarding “Challenges”. You still have this Attachment to Home which can very well be towards Spousal views, but I feel it’s more about your Family’s views. You are still holding on to these same or very similar views due to wanting to feel that Familiar Belongingness, but You Know you are on a Different Path.

---- To Transform, you are being called to Release your Attachment to some of these views and Know that this is the Opportunity to Take Your Own Stride towards your Higher Self and Pass down Healthier views that will Encourage/Motivate your Descendants to be more Authentic in Walking their Truths.

[3.] Transformation (22) — YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT SO GO GET IT! Similar to card #1, YOU have to Go get it! Manifest All Of IT! I’m feeling self-sabotaging vibes here where you know your Vision and Worthiness of it, but for some reason you’re still trying to convince yourself that you don’t. Actually what is happening here is the lack of Self-Trust! Is it because you Feel like you are the only one who thinks like this, but want to take others with you to Show them "the ropes"? Well if they don’t Share the SAME Vision, Values, and Knowingness, how can they go too? They must be able to carry their own weight. As for you, Grow past Status quo and mediocrity. You Know you are given Opportunities to Grow and Learn, but You need to Recognize just How often they are Presented to you! You will see that it is quite Obvious that You are in Alignment! Stop doubting, second guessing yourself, and beating yourself up over the past/present/future.

---- To Transform, You Must Trust YourSelf! Come on now, You Know it’s Yours! Accept that this Transformation warrants Self-Validation!

[4.] Movement Into Balance (1), R — Your mindset is constantly fluctuating. Some days you see Opportunities, other days they are Challenges, but that’s it. I feel you are having difficulty making up Your Mind and “going with the flow” a little too much. Like you are just letting the wind blow you anywhere and everywhere, whenever. Don’t get me wrong... It’s natural that Life has its ebbs and flows, but don’t be nonchalant and indifferent about it. You have this very calming and chill vibe, but it’s not Balancing out with Intentional Action. Grandma literally has the urge to hold you in her arms and say “Baby, come on and Focus. What do you want? Let’s sit down and Identify it.”

---- To Transform, put more Energy/Innergy into Listening to your Soul and Seeking Opportunities. Live, don’t just Exist. You have a Purpose. Your Vessel needs someone to Navigate. It's Time to Make some Clear-cut Decisions about Your Life, Your Future.

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