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2021 - Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

April 27 - October 5, 2021

Pluto Rx in Capricorn

Pluto = Transformation, Death/ReBirth, Power and Evolution

** Hidden Truths comes to the Light

Capricorn = Ambitious, Practical, Discipline, and Grounded

**Grounding to Take Practical Decisions and Be Self-Disciplined


  • Truth and Honesty comes to the Light when Pluto is in Rx. Much of the hard-truths tends to resurface during this time, especially if they've been avoided, ignored, and/or kept hidden. Pluto reminds us that "what happens in the Dark will eventually come to Light."

  • The disharmonious energies that we experience are Indicators (formally known as triggers) to areas that requires some form of Change.... Transformation!

  • During Pluto Rx, we have the Opportunity to Reflect and Reassess these Indications. Treat these as you would when a maintenance indicator on your car's dashboard. Pay attention to the Transformation Indicators!

  • The recent Full Moon in Libra/Scorpio was a significant turning point to nudge us into Pluto's Retrograde. What circumstances did you experience during the Full Moon? ( View Post )

So how do we Respond?

What influence does Capricorn have?

Keywords for Capricorn's energy

Grounded, Self~Discipline, Practicality, and Ambitious/Driven

All of which hold the lens for us to Focus on during Pluto Rx.

It is time to Face the parts of us that is being avoided rather than Seeking Resolution.

It is Time to Dive into the Hidden depths of your subconscious mind

and Create a clean slate for Transformation.

Breakdown the Indicators and Begin Anew.

Reflect. Reassess. Recreate.

Cover the "Re's!


:: Reflection Questions ::

What are the Indicators?

What are they telling you about your Truths?

Are you putting forth Effort for Long-term Security?

Are you Ready to Bring New Order to your Being?

What brings you Peace and Joy? Sense of Purpose? Life Fulfillment?

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