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2021 - Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius

May 22 - October 11, 2021

Saturn Rx in Aquarius

Saturn = Responsibility, Effort, Discipline (stern-like), Maturity, Boundaries

** Testing One's Endurance to Achieve Completed Objectives

Aquarius = Innovation, Forward-thinking, Progressive, Assertiveness

** Expanding Beyond the Norms of Progressiveness in One's Beingness


  • The Father of Time pushes us to Build Endurance in our Efforts. In order to be Responsible in our Endeavors, it requires the Maturity to be Self-Disciplined. We know what our Responsibilities are and we must Reflect and Re-evaluate our True Efforts towards our Intended Outcome.

  • Be Assertive (not aggressive) about our Development and ways of Being. Saturn teaches us that it takes Effort to Receive the Rewards. Saturn is like a personal trainer at the gym. It is their job to reveal to us our "limits" and potential so we can Maximize the Innovated versions of ourselves that we are Manifesting.

  • Let's also remember to Examine your Boundaries and Re-asses them.

So how do we Respond?

What is Aquarius' influence?

  • Aquarius brings in the Tactful energy of an Assertive and Respectful Leadership or Friend. We feel comfortable enough to share deep things with them, although they are reluctant to express personal emotional matter. Even in being reserved, they provide us with another Perspective that most (even ourselves) would not even consider. Allowing us to see alternative Opportunities for Growth and Development in your Journey, whether it's Spiritual and/or Personal.

  • During Saturn Rx, your Endurance is tested the most when it comes to Facing your Indicators and the Reassessing and Re-evaluating your Efforts thus far. This will lead to the in-flow of New Ideas for Resolving the disharmony revealed by Pluto. (View Pluto Rx Interpretation).

  • As for the unfinished projects or tasks that you started this year, they tend to resurface and Require more Effort in your Actions to reach Completion (= Abundance + New Beginnings).

  • Be Mindful that Aquarius is a fixed sign. They are great at multi-tasking, however, can get caught up in the thinking process with all their brilliant ideas. I suggest focusing on a few things at a time for best results. Plus during Rx, its best not to try "doing too much." Focus on getting most of it out of your head and down on paper to go back to it later.

Keywords for Aquarius' energy

Innovative, Forward-thinking, Progressive, Assertive

It is Time to Get Serious about our Vision, Goals, and Responsibilities.

It is time to Be Assertive in our Efforts to Attain, Obtain, and Maintain the Rewards.

Embrace the Test of Limits/Boundaries with Saturn's Rx.

Check-in with your Endurance and Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone.

Reflect. Reassess. Recreate.

Cover the "Re's!


:: Reflection Questions ::

What are the differences between Assertiveness and Aggressiveness? (Define and Reassess to Find Balance)

What is the status of your Efforts to Proactive in your Responsibilities and Inner work?

(Rate Yourself 1-5)

Are you holding yourself back or testing your Endurance/Limits?

How can you Re-invent Your Efforts?

When was the last time you checked-in with your Life Wheel?

Do you need to Revamp, Recreate, and/or Reafffirm your Boundaries?

How do your Boundaries play a role in your Proactivity?

Are your Boundaries aligned to your Visions/Goals?

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