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About Me, Quiana

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Peace & Light!

Isn’t the point of a Bio is to share WHO a person is? So, who is Quiana?

Quiana BKA Moon Goddess

Quiana is a Daughter, Sister/Sistah, Mother, Auntie, and Friend from Richmond, Virginia. Quiana is an Assistant Scientist becoming a Medical Laboratory Scientist. Quiana is the Vessel of Moon Goddess. Quiana is the Creator of Moon Goddess Tarot, LLC. When someone asks WHO I am, I automatically think of all of the things that OTHERS would consider me of being. Quiana is whatever words or titles used to describe what I have obtained. Quiana is whatever words or adjectives that other people may use to describe me through their encounters with me. To keep it plain and simple or maybe, abstract and complex to some… Quiana is SUM of EVERYthing. Quiana is whatever classifying words imprinted on me as WHAT I AM, navigating through the constraints of the Matrix.

WHAT I am is more like WHAT has the Divine put me on Earth As, WHAT the Divine put me on Earth to Be, WHAT the Divine put me on Earth to DO. WHAT I Am is not only what the Divine physically created me to be, but also what experiences and lessons the Divine ordained for Me, to shape/prepare me to DO. I wanted to share a little bit about WHO I am for you to have an idea of WHAT I AM, which consists of my journey while Healing through Tarot.

I AM a child that grew up playing outside, collecting rocks, staring at the sky, and very fond of things, micro and macro, unseen by the human eye. I never thought my love for collecting rocks would have led me to crystal healing. I never thought staring at the sky with my imaginative mind, thinking about all of what was beyond the clouds, what was around us and smaller than us… was me activating and utilizing my Third Eye. I never thought that my infatuation with the beautiful Moon meant that my love for the Moon was SELF-LOVE. I never thought Love would be the reason for Everything!

I did not know WHY I was drawn to any of these things until I was introduced to Astrology. Then, my desire to become knowledgeable of the Unseen led me to Knowledge of Self through Kemetic science and Occult “Know of the Hidden” Teachings. These all led me to my first Tarot experience back in 2011.

My first tarot reading was at a campus event which told me that my “Prince Charming,” did not see me in his future. I carried on with our relationship as normal and honestly, I forgot all about the reading until we stopped dating. It creeped me out a bit, but as I reflected on what was said and I became intrigued. Tarot piqued my interest and I was open to it. To be completely transparent, I once considered myself as part of a religion and believed that Tarot was “against my religion.” However, I had an internal battle with “my religion” and suffered from depression because I had a lot of questions that no one seemed to be able to answer. Aside from the practice itself, I simply could not fathom why “Religion wars” was even A THING when we all come from THE SAME SOURCE! … that’s another story.

A year later, I met my Twin Flame (or a Soulmate) who was religious and when things abruptly “ended” with him, I wondered if it was because I was growing away from religion. My attempt to study my “religion” was counteractive, it was catalytic in my exploration of Spirituality instead of focusing on a religious practice. This was the greatest decision I have ever made!

I felt closer to Freedom once I Relinquished trying to fit into something that did not make sense to me and I dived into Universal Consciousness.

Love became my “religion”. Love was the only thing that made sense to me. At the end of the day, Our Love for LOVE or Love for Some “thing” is the Seed that keeps us all Going and Growing. No matter if we admit it or not.

I received my second tarot reading from a good friend during a MAJOR transitional period, involving Love, and I was hooked. It was no turning back! I ended up buying the same deck she read me with, but never used it because it made me nervous (lol). It wasn’t until I purchased my second deck that I began studying tarot. In practicing Tarot for myself, I found that it was a significant tool within my OWN healing journey. Tarot was the mirror to my Inner Truth. Tarot helped me face my shadow self, the hidden parts of myself that I buried and ignored. The Most High Divine Creator presented me with Tarot to confirm and reveal all of the answers I once was seeking that were already hidden inside me. I like to think of it as the Divine and I finally reached an agreement on how we would communicate, through Tarot. I had firsthand experience of how Tarot transformed my life and was confident in the Hidden Truth that I started to share with others by reading my family and friends whenever they would ask.

In June 2018, I attended a Shaman guided meditation at a Retreat (read here for the Story of Moon Goddess Tarot). That night, I became Moon Goddess. Moon Goddess became I.

My Love for Love is my Purpose. Through Moon Goddess Tarot, I seek to encourage you all to keep Love in Heart and Mind no matter what. Love is the Cure that Heals all.

“Do not allow your Impatience with Love and the lack of Love in the world turn you astray. Be the Love that You Seek.”

Quiana is a Compilation of Life’s Experiences and their Lessons of Love.


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