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The Journey of Self-Rememberance

To Innerstand what Self-Rememberance is simply defined within itself...

Re•Member•ance of Self.

It is the ability to Re•Member your Divine Essence before all of the programming that has distracted you from your Natural way of Beingness. It is bringing together the sum of your parts like a puzzle.

Think about what it means to be Dis•Membered...

In order to "regather your limbs," it does takes the Willingness to practice Self-Awareness, Self-Love, Self-Healing, and Self-Discovery to Re•Member that you were already Whole.

You just needed to make space by cleansing out the detriments and recollect the parts of your Spirit/Soul that were clouded and/or displaced by distractions, illusions and self-limiting beliefs.

You are a Whole Diamond rotating like the phases of the Moon! So embark the Journey of Self-Rememberance and Cooperate with Great Spirit to Fulfill Your Divine Purpose. It's of my favorites games...The Sims!

There are two aspects of Self-Re•Memberance that I would like to point out...Your Spirit & Your Soul.

Your Spirit is connected to the Source of your Divine Purpose as it was gifted to you by the Divine Great Spirit. It is the Life Force that connects you/us to the Universal Consciousness. This would be like the air that we all breathe. Spirit is that Oneness of All Life & without Spirit there would be no "life."

Your Soul is your Unique Expression of Spirit. It is the collection of things that has shaped you into the person that you are in this moment. Think of it as a suitcase* of your collectibles (accumulated wisdom and values from life experiences) that you carry around with you everywhere that you go. It shapes your Free Will & Willingness to Utilizing Spirit...May it be the Greater Good!

*Shoutout to @prime.harmonic for sharing the 'suitcase' analogy!

Self-Rememberance is vital is because it Reveals why you have Incarnated and Awakens your Sense of Purpose & Certainty through rebuilding the connections between your Inner child, Present Self and Higher self which creates a Balance of the Mind, Body and Soul.

The process of Self-Rememberance is beneficial to developing Inner Peace and Joy that enables your Spirit continues the Journey of Physicality as a Human and to fulfill your Divine Purpose.

Earth is the planet of lessons and in turn the Sole (soul) Purpose is to leave your Legacy and mark in this world of Share Wisdom to assist the next generations that will shape Reality.

The Purpose of Self-Rememberance is ultimately to shift the perspective and energy to leave the world better than how you found it for the next generations to continue and Progress towards Higher Vibrations on this Earthly realm.

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Sharon V
Sharon V

I love these insights. “You are a Whole Diamond rotating like the phases of the Moon!”

Thank you Moon Goddess for these words of Remembrance 🙏🏾

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