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Dec. 14, 2020 - New Moon in Sagittarius

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

New Moon in Sagittarius

Solar Eclipse / Saturn & Jupiter Conjunction

  • New Moons = New Beginnings and Renewal

  • New Moon in Sagittarius: December 13 - 14, 2020

  • New Moon at 0% on Dec. 14, 2020

  • Preparing us for the Saturn and Jupiter Conjunction

  • The Transition of the Moon: Scorpio (13th) > Sagittarius (14th) > Capricorn (15th)

  • Scorpio (Immortality and Regeneration) = Awakening your Inner Phoenix.

    • A fixed Water sign; “I Desire” >>>>> I SEEK.

    • “Desires” usually kept Hidden (secretive), but Strong Willpower and Power of Observation

    • Encouraging you to Transmute your fervor/Passion/Intensity into Positive contribution to your Life (relationships, meaningful work, etc.)

*****Tool: Refer to Life Wheel.*****

  • Solar Eclipse influence = unable to keep the energy hidden any longer

  • This time is special because we have the Opportunity to Show the Universe we are truly ready to Evolve.

  • What do you want most in this Lifetime? What are your True Passions/Values? (Hint: Your Joy)

    1. Openly expressed and hidden ones.

    2. Choose one to use for this New Moon Intention

**** The DOPE Part! Saturn (Sagittarius) and Jupiter (Capricorn) Conjunction ****

  • Sagittarius (Freedom Seeker and Optimism) = Spreading Your Wings and Fly!

    • A mutable Fire sign; I SEE.

    • Jupiter’s HOME! Time to Shine!

    • Encouraging you to embrace your Freedom to Expand beyond “constraints.” No strings attached.

    • Using your energy to Optimistically Shift into the embodying the enthusiasm for all the Possibilities around you and to come.

  • Reflection Exercise:

    1. What area(s) of your Life currently feel Imbalanced or lacking Growth?

    2. What has/is held you back from Moving Forward?

*****Tool: Refer to Shadow Work Flow *****

  • Capricorn (Disciplined Hustler) = Soaring toward your Vision

    • A cardinal Earth sign; I USE.

    • Saturn’s Home!!!

    • Motivating you to Seize the Opportunity with Strategy, not Force.

    • Transmuting that Intense Scorpio energy into the Ambitious Capricorn energy.

    • The Goal here is to Reprogram our Thinking to Manifest our Vision.

****Tool: Use the Changing with the Moon Guide as guidance.****

The Reflection is used to Envision the Life you Seek.

Please invest time and space for yourself to elaborate on this further.

You can choose any creative or meditative activity to activate your 3rd Eye Chakra

Shadow Work can help you to make this Shift/Transition within your Life.

Tool: Shadow Work Flow

  • Identify your Indicators.

  • Embrace your Emotions.

  • Record/Journal your Raw thoughts.

  • Remember the first time you felt this? (5-10 mins!)

  • Identify what you Learned in your experiences with those Indicators.

  1. What could you have changed?

  2. What changes can you make in the future?

Identify what you Seek. Create Your Vision. Embrace that SH*T!

Moon Cycle Dates

December 13, 2020 - January 11, 2021

  • New Moon: Dec. 13 - 15

  • Waxing Crescent: Dec. 16 - 19

  • First Quarter: Dec. 20 - 23 (*Dec 21*)

  • Waxing Gibbous: Dec. 24 - 27

  • Full Moon: Dec. 28 - 31 (*Dec 29*)

  • Waning Gibbous: Jan. 1 - 3

  • Last Quarter: Jan 4 - Jan. 7 (*Jan 6*)

  • Waning Crescent: Jan. 8 -11

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