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*Knock knock!* -- Happy Galactic New Year!!!

KNOCK KNOCK! Guess whoooo?!! It's Moon Goddess Ambrosia!

I know... I've been behind the scenes a bit as I've been actively evolving, studying and innerstanding some new information that has served as a HUGE benefit to my own evolution and the development of my Divine Purpose... for which I am eager to share with you!

I would like to Introduce you all to a new, but not-so-new Ancient knowledge and practice of the Law of Time and Galactic Oracle Readings by way of the Tzolkin!

Based on the Mayan Calendar system which originated from the Olmec Ancestors and is still known as one of the most accurate calendar system known to date!

Over the last two years, I have developed a strong connection and love for the Olmec Cosmology as it has came into my life, in Divine Timing, to serve as an amazing guide for further clarity in my Journey of Self-Remembrance to Self-Mastery as an Universal (Multidimensional) Being and as daily guidance within my own evolution of fulfilling my Divine Purpose. It is a lot of information that goes into this Cosmology so moving forward I will begin to share more about in a practical manner.

-In the meantime... To begin familiarizing yourself via self-study, visit "The Law of Time" :

and additional websites soon to be available on the Resources page.

With that being said... I wanted to share the Galactic Oracle Reading for this plasma (day) which is bringing forth the theme for the New Galactic Solar Cycle!



( July 26, 2023 - July 24, 2024 )


We are now in the Year of the White Overtone Wizard!

The Year of Refining the Empowered Radiance of Our Love & Loyalty by Enchanting Receptivity!

The Year of the White Overtone Wizard

White - Refines

Overtone - Commanding Radiance to Empower

Wizard - Express Timelessness by Enchanting Receptivity

The Focus this year is on the Refinement of Empowering Ourselves by Enchanting Receptivity to our own Timelessness as Universal Beings through Love & Loyalty.

The White Overtone Wizard (Kin 174) is in the White (Magnetic) Dog wavespell which encompasses the qualities of: Companionships/Companions of destiny, heart, love, service, loyalty, spiritual strength, guardians and guides, breakthrough, emotional body issues, ego, recasting the past, new beginnings, and more.

So the Enchantment of Receptivity that we are to focus on is Refining how we express Timeless Love and Loyalty to these qualities and aspects within ourselves and in our lifestyle.

To begin this process, we are to look at it energetically from a Multidimensional (Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally and Physically) for practical use with a few questions to consider...







1. Allow this energetic focus to flow into and through us by Breathing and Communicating. Intentionally take moments to focus on your breath while listening to your heart to let it be known that you are open (Receptive) to receive the downloads, light codes, upgrades, insight and clarity, etc. Speak it out loud too! Express it to your Higher Self...after all, "closed mouths don't get fed!" Hold this focus close to your Heart for it to feel sacred!

-- Command Receptivity by Breathing & Communicating.

(Kin 174: White Overtone Wind)

2. Allow yourself to experience your E*motions, so you can tap into the "newly" transformed version of your Realized Intention by embracing the transformative energy that allows you to Know the Healing necessary to be Empowered to Accomplish your goal/Intention. What needs to be transformed? How are you going to transform it? Remember your WHY!

--- Command the Embodiment of your Realized Intention.

(Kin 87: Blue Solar Hand)

3. Allow yourself to continue to build upon the awareness of your Target and how you seek to Empower yourself. As you do this, your self-empowerment grows and so does the vision of your goal by gathering the "nutrients" to begin Blooming.

-- Command the Empowerment of Flowering Your Target

(Kin 44: Yellow Overtone Seed)

4. Pace yourself in being receptive to trusting your instincts with this newfound Empowerment as well. You will know how focused you are in your efforts because you will be more confident in trusting your instincts to physically support and build up the momentum of Mastering Self-Empowerment!

-- Command the Empowerment of Trusting Your Instincts.

(Kin 5: Red Overtone Serpent)

By flowing and growing through this process throughout this new Solar cycle,

you will be accelerated energetically to be of service to yourself and others by making choices that Reflect Love and a Compassionate heart!

Until next time, I send you all Peace, Love and Gratitude in every moment of Now.

Remember that... YOU hold the Creative Power of your Reality.

- Moon Goddess Ambrosia <3

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