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Impermanence - "Nothing Lasts Forever"


Im·per·ma·nence (noun) • the state or fact of lasting for only a limited period of time.

Let's shift our perception of the phrase, "Nothing lasts forever." Depending on its meaning to you, reflects your perception of your own life.

Before today, my perception of this phrase was a very sad, concerning, and frustrating one. In my own reflections as to why that was so, I realized it was due to another layer of attachment that I needed to observe. So I observed my thoughts about past experiences that led me into this mental framework. My past held this theme of concern about my sense of protection which in turn reflects the lack Mindset. The lack Mindset of the protection of my mind, body and soul.

I have experienced a lost of childlike qualities of innocence, unconditional love, and freedom, in multiple periods of my life, from childhood through adulthood, that has challenged my Sense of Protection. For which I had to heal myself through to remember where I have placed these things that I thought I "lost."

I see more deeply into them now and what they were all teaching me...The Lesson of Impermanence.

"No-thing lasts forever" ...not the good, nor the bad.

The same way we try to hold on to the good, we try to hold on to the bad... whether it's done consciously or not. It shows up in our perception of "Nothing lasts forever." If you feel sad hearing that thought, most likely you're holding on to some good or bad experience thus falling into the lack Mindset.

I challenge you today to shift your perspective to see the beauty of the phrase.

Today my own perception has shifted, hence my presentation to you..

The Lesson of Impermanence is to teach us how to see it as the very thing that brings meaning to our life. It shows us where our values live. It shows us what we love about being in this human form. It teaches us one of the reasons why we incarnated here in the first Experience the Beauty of Life, even if it's only for a moment in time.

The Application of Impermanence.

"No-thing lasts forever."

When we leave this form, no-thing we can take with us. We can only carry the energy of Love within us fueled by the memories we have shared Love.

We are meant to appreciate the beautiful experiences that we have and share them with others. What matters most and makes our lives feel the most fulfilled is not how much we can attain, but how much Love we can experience and share with others.

The Energy (action) of Love is infinite, the things (nouns) of which we Love are what teaches us Impermanence.

Impermanence teaches us how to Truly Be Love.

This was my Lesson of Impermanence today. I had to shed another layer in how I Love and shift perspective of WHY I Love.

I Embody Love BECAUSE "Nothing lasts Forever." So I rather be Free-loving to others and enjoy the Beauty of Life while maintaining the boundaries and the Self-Integrity I need to Love My Self.

•May 21, 2022 at 10:19am•

~Ambrosia NaShae the Moon Goddess "I AM the Reflection of Light from The Sun. "

Special Shoutout to the Snow Leopard.💚

Suggested Songs:

"Food From Heaven" - CoryBux

"Infinite Universe" - Beautiful Chorus

"Being Nothing" - Bachan Kaur

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