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Grandma's Kitchen - Week of August 4th: The Reveal

What does Freedom mean to you? How can you Expand your sense of Freedom? In what ways, have you been holding yourself back from New Opportunities to Explore, Travel, being Adventurous and/or Gaining New Perspective. What emotions are you hoarding that are weighing down your Expansion? Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius is here to Broaden Your Horizon!

This week’s card will bring forth clarity in answering and catalyze your ability to recognize any new opportunities presented to you this week and throughout this Jupiter’s Retrograde.

**Reverse meaning the energy is amp/amplifying/amplified and it’s calling for your attention.**

Weekly Soul Food 

[1.] Stripping Illusions (27) — You think you know everything because you feel like you have seen it all. Yes, you are aware of many opportunities or possibilities, but you don’t know exactly how it’ll play out. You are allowing yourself to guided by assumptions rather than intuition. You are being called to reflect on how you’ve been using the lessons of the past. Are you using them for avoiding obstacles or for maneuvering through obstacles? Based on your choosing of this card, I feel it’s more an avoidance. Some of these beliefs are actually illusions. Take some time this week to explore by asking yourself, honestly, “Is this decision based off avoidance or maneuvering?” Sometimes we allow illusions to take the wheel because we think they are keeping us safe when they are actually blindsiding us.

[2.] Change (29) — This card is definitely calling for you to shake up your life and add some excitement! Plan to do something you’ve always wanted to do. It can be small or big, it doesn’t have to be any crazy. Even the smallest change can make a significant difference. What is Freedom to you? How can you break your routine? Shake up your daily tasks by rearranging the order and/or adding something new to the schedule. Try going for a walk after work before heading home. Try a new recipe or having dinner somewhere new. You’ve been stuck in the same routine for far too long. Take advantage of Jupiter’s energy this week! Be Adventurous with caution!

[3.] Inner Journey (35),R — For those who choose this card, it is Imperative for you to define what Freedom means FOR you! Re-define it and personalize it to your specific journey. Your definition of Freedom in the past has transformed and evolved significantly so It is time for a new one! YOUR definition is KEY! Innerstanding Freedom is KEY! Your Journey and Freedom looks and feels different from the next person’s. Do NOT get caught up in how everybody else’s Freedom looks like. Do NOT get caught up in the opinions of others regarding YOUR Journey and Freedom. Respect works both ways. Focus on your Innerstanding of Freedom.

[4.] Death (8),R — This card immediately screamed “Death to Ego!” How has your Ego interfered with your ability to Broaden your Horizons? Take some time this week studying various definitions of "Ego" and Freud’s Model of the Psyche. Reflect on these questions and definitions. How can you create more balance and get out there to explore. Put your Ego aside to Gain a New Perspective!

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