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Grandma's Kitchen June 16th: The Reveal

Take a look at your personal Wheel of a Life.... Of which aspects do you feel an imbalance? How can you bring more #Balance into your #Feminine and #Masculine energy regarding each aspect??

**Reverse meaning the energy is amp/amplifying/amplified and it’s calling for your attention.**

Weekly Soul Food 

[1.] Creativity (39), R — Start Creating! This is definitely feminine energy pouring out with this card. Have you been thinking about new ideas to spice up the imbalances you’ve been feeling? If so, now is the time to act on it! This is your confirmation. All you have to do is try out new things! Do something you’ve never done before! Explore new curiosities! If you’ve been thinking about changing up your routine, do it! Spice up the aspects you’re no longer satisfied with, this will bring forth balance!

[2.] Past, Present, & Future (4), R — Start integrating your lessons of your past into your present experiences so you can move into the future with openness! I feel both feminine and masculine energy with this card. It is calling for you to LET GO of the baggage you’ve been carrying around regarding each of your imbalances. Let go of any “bad” labels you’ve assigned to different situations or life experiences that you’ve had because this is what’s causing the imbalance. Imagine yourself walking with loads of bags on your arms. Then you just sit them down and keep walking without looking back as you reflect on the lessons you’ve learned thus far from carrying them bags. Use those lessons as tools!  Regain your balance by putting down them bags.

[3.] Forgiveness (23), R – Forgiving others always starts with Forgiving Yourself. This card is similar to [2.] for letting go but is saying for you to lighten up on the self-criticism. Humans are rooted in imperfection.” Forgive yourself for not knowing or being aware of certain behaviors that have created imbalances that you are currently dealing with. For example, forgive yourself for emotional spending, or whatever it may be, in attempt to cope with stress, past or present. You know now you are seeking or having to clean up “the mess” and feel guilty about getting yourself into the situation in the first place. However, you MUST forgive yourself so you can focus and get into the zone. This card feels like it’s calling for you to reflect on the feminine energy you’ve been giving to certain aspects and transmute that into masculine energy to spring into Action!

[4.] Struggle (32), R – Are you so use to “struggling” in these areas? Saying F it” and just allowing the imbalances? Has the “struggle” became your comfort zone? This card has masculine energy written all over it, calling for ACTION! Don’t just let your sh*t stink (lol). It is time to OPEN UP to your lessons. It is time to FACE your Lessons. Every struggle has a deep learning experience meant to teach you how to prevent the struggle from revisiting you. The lessons are here to redirect how you utilize your energy. It teaches you how to act more strategically! The reason why we reach the “struggle” phase is because we are unaware or maybe ignoring the lessons being presented in the first place. Start paying attention! Stop just saying ‘F it’ and allowing your Greatness. Look at how you have been BS’n within the areas that you are seeing to be imbalanced.

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