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Grandma's Kitchen for December 6 - 15, 2020: The Pull

Grandma has noticed that many of us are really feeling the Shift that took place over the last few weeks. She feels like one Impact is due to Chiron's Retrograde in Aries which is surely coming to a close and going back direct on the 15th. That shift was like a wake up call to the "Procrastination" that we've been doing with Chiron's lesson.

Chiron, aka "Wounded Healer" is an asteroid that orbits between the energy of Saturn (Stability) and Uranus (Change) and Impacts the Collective Pain and Collective Healing. Chiron is known for Transmuting its Hurt into Inspiration for others. It Accepts the wound for what it is, but still finds a way to Assist others in Regaining Wholeness through Self-Healing.

This week’s card focuses on Innerstanding your Wounded Healer. It shall shed Light on your wound/hurt/pain that are challenging you. It is the wound(s) that always manage to pop up, sporadically, and feels like a theme in your life. The Light will show you the Path of Self-Healing from that and using it to Inspire others. Keep this in mind as you select your card(s) [1-4] that you are most drawn to.

View the next post for The Reveal.

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