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Food for Thought: Who told you that it was normal to Hurt and Suffer?

Even before realizing this was my Soul's Purpose, I've always wondered why so many people were hurting, hurting others and hurting themselves. I wondered why Suffering was "normal." As well as, how/why people were convinced it was normal and content with Hurting and Suffering.

Although I wondered, I knew why/how based on my own experiences/role(s). So even I know why people continue to subscribe to this belief system which consists of multiple reasons...

Mainly because it is NOT easy for one to face their hurt/suffering version of themselves (Shadow Self) and position yourself to Overcome it as your Higher Self. I get it, I don't know many who can say they "like" the reminders.

However, through my own experiences..I KNEW this wasn't normal and Change(s) are necessary!

To allow the experience(s) to "pile up" is NOT normal. To drown or feel stuck with the feeling and it's residue is NOT normal.