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Famme Sportswear Product Review

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Are you looking for a high-quality sportswear brand? WELL Famme (pronounced “fam”) is a clothing label for women that combines fashion and technology to make beautiful, functional garments for workouts and everyday use. I personally recommend this brand to you based off my own experience with their Midnight Blue Essential High Waist Tights and Light Gray Drop Sports Bra. When I first ordered, I was concerned about whether the items were going to be True-to-Size and THEY WERE! I absolutely LOVE their tights! I love wearing them when working out and especially when I practice yoga.

Sometimes I wear them just because they feel nice (lol). Not only do they fit and compliment the wearer very well, they feel amazing on your skin. Honestly, it feels like its just another layer of skin because they are so light and form-fitting. I don’t know what it is about the technology used to craft them, but I am in love it! It caught me off guard. These are by far the best pair of tights I have ever worn.

The sports bra surprised me as well because I normally look for a sports bra that has more padding and adjustable straps for moral support (lol). I like their sports bra for yoga, but I prefer not to wear it if I am running. I think if the sports bra was adjustable, I would be raving about it just as much as the tights. Although it is a non-adjustable, it’s still a high-quality sports bra. If that isn’t a deal breaker, I suggest you try it for yourself. I also noticed they have jeans too! The description for their jeans states...

We wanted to give you the best of both worlds so we came up with the perfect jeans. Jeans to give you the same feeling as if you are wearing a legging, and Jeans that enhances your curves stays in place and fits your personality!”

If their jeans feel anything like the leggings/tights, they won me! Next chance I get I’ll be making a purchase for their jeans!

Visit Famme Online now and use my code: BluDreamOfHers-10 for 10% off your entire order at any time.

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