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How to Stop Giving Situations and People Your Power

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

In Blog Post 1, We are going to discuss “How to stop giving situations and people your Power and How to Re-Direct Your Innergy.

As you may or may not know, Our Brains are just like Computers. So, as you read through this keep in mind just how alike they are. I would like to start you off with that as a scenario.

You know how an error message pops up on the computer when you type information in the wrong entry on a form?

For example, you are filling out a form to subscribe to a MailingList and the entry fields on the form are asking for you enter your “Title”, “First name” and “Last name”. It is requesting a specific piece of information to be entered in a specific entry field so that the computer program needs this information in order to format and/or send the information within the computer system or database.

If you were to enter your name in the “Title” field, you will receive an error message. It is asking for your Title, such as Mr., Mrs. Miss. Dr., etc., but you keep typing your First name. Thus, prompting an error message or… maybe, even the document will be formatted incorrectly, and it say…

“Dear Moon Miss Goddess” instead of “Dear Miss Moon Goddess.”

Either way, it is causing an error. The email is going to be improperly formatted.

The computer gets confused and does not know what you are talking about nor where to send it. The entry may be erased, or you are going to keep receiving an error message.


The SAME thing happens with Innergy/Energy. The sounds we speak and the thoughts we think, all sends out a certain vibrational frequency. Every Sound, every Thought is a Vibration. We can even go as far as saying our emotional vibration is the WiFi signals.

Try this for a real-life example…

Place a glass/bottle of water on a table and watch the water as you knock on the table. Did the water move? Did you notice the vibration sent from the knock to the water in the glass?

That is exactly how it is with sounds and our thoughts…the vibration is then sent out into the atmosphere/universe. The knock is your initial emotion/thought/word. The vibration is sent from your hand to through the table (atmosphere) to the water in bottle (external result).

Now the question is… how does the vibration from our words and thoughts affect us once we send it out into the atmosphere?


To answer this question, we are going to refer to the negative aspect of this first.

When you keep thinking/speaking about “that negative thing,” you are ultimately entering the same piece of information to receive that same “error message” over and over…and over again. It is just like when people say, “Why does this always happen to me?” Although the person may be doing things differently, they are still putting out the same energy into the Universe.

So, in terms of how this affects us, it is the same exact thing. We keep expressing the vibration of “the negative thing” which produces that same emotion as a result.

A computer is a computer based on how it is built to operate, just as the Universe is the Universe based on the system in which Life forces are made to operate within. One law of this system is called the Law of Attraction. (I suggest you research the Law of Attraction and study the phrase “As Above, So Below” for more understanding.)

The error message is whatever the initial emotion is and the information you typed in is the root. The root emotion, such as sadness, anger, depression, etc, is making you want to keep talking or thinking about it. By giving into that, you are giving away your Power. The root emotion is now controlling your reaction because it has hi-jacked your body. It seems to be the only thing you can think of or talk about. (I suggest reading “Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender” by David Hawkins).

You are repeating the cycle of emotions because your body is confused. It like “oh I guess he/she likes this so I’m going to keep doing this.” Hence, the Law of Attraction. Whereas, you are sitting there going through the motions internally.

These are low vibrational energies that are calling for you to become aware of its high vibrational counterpart.


Low vibration ⬄High vibration

Fear ⬄ Joy

Hate ⬄ Love

Envy ⬄ Gratefulness

And the list continues…

Now on to the positive aspect, think about this… if you were to remove or transmute the “situation”, “person”, “place”, or “that thing” from the words you speak or the thoughts you think… Your Brain aka “computer”, will not have a place to send the vibration. Once you face that root emotion, the vibration will change from low to high. You may very well think about it, but that root emotional vibration is no longer energizing “that thing.” The frequency of your internalization produces the frequency of the resulting occurrence. The more you practice and show the Universe that you are changing, you will see actual change. Once you become aware of things changing for the better, it goes to show that you have started learning and knowing how to Overcome it! Eventually, Mastering your emotions!

When you stop GIVING your Innergy to “that thing” by learning the reasons, the causes, or triggers for that root emotion… The message aka vibration can dissolve into nothingness OR can be Re-Directed OR can be Transmuted to something much greater as a entirely different Vibrational Frequency that is Positively charged.


What does it mean to Redirect and Transmute? How do you to Redirect and Transmute?

To Re-Direct means to take the energy and use it to execute an actual ACTION. It means to shift your focus point about “the thing” to take Action. It is discovering the WHY.


Why are you sexually frustrated? The energy from sexual frustration can be used to Power up Manifesting your Goals

Why are you sad? The energy from sadness can be used to Practice your writing skills.

Why are you anger or stressed? The energy from anger or stress can be used to


To Transmute is similar to re-directing, but for me, it means to take the energy to be used for Intangible Manifestations by way of Introspection to become a better version of yourself. It is more of character enhancement instead of materialistic enhancement. It is the Actual ACTION of your Redirection.

The energy from sexual frustration can be used to investigate and understand your feelings of self-love, self-worth, self-acceptance, etc.

The energy from sadness, anger, or any other emotion, can be used to acknowledge and recognize your triggers so that you can improve your means for managing them and improve how you respond.

You can stop talking about the initial emotion…

You can stop saying that person’s name…

You can stop blaming or complaining…

You can start understanding and dig up the root cause of the initial emotion.

You can start calling your Power back to you by either staying away or from “that thing”.

You can start acknowledging the lesson that is to be learned and practice consistently.

THAT is How to Stop Giving Situations and People Your Power!

THAT is How to Re-Direct Your Inner (Energy)!

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