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How to Stop Giving Situations and People Your Power

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

In Blog Post 1, We are going to discuss “How to stop giving situations and people your Power and How to Re-Direct Your Innergy.

As you may or may not know, Our Brains are just like Computers. So, as you read through this keep in mind just how alike they are. I would like to start you off with that as a scenario.

You know how an error message pops up on the computer when you type information in the wrong entry on a form?

For example, you are filling out a form to subscribe to a MailingList and the entry fields on the form are asking for you enter your “Title”, “First name” and “Last name”. It is requesting a specific piece of information to be entered in a specific entry field so that the computer program needs this information in order to format and/or send the information within the computer system or database.

If you were to enter your name in the “Title” field, you will receive an error message. It is asking for your Title, such as Mr., Mrs. Miss. Dr., etc., but you keep typing your First name. Thus, prompting an error message or… maybe, even the document will be formatted incorrectly, and it say…

“Dear Moon Miss Goddess” instead of “Dear Miss Moon Goddess.”

Either way, it is causing an error. The email is going to be improperly formatted.

The computer gets confused and does not know what you are talking about nor where to send it. The entry may be erased, or you are going to keep receiving an error message.


The SAME thing happens with Innergy/Energy. The sounds we speak and the thoughts we think, all sends out a certain vibrational freque