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Collective Readings

January 17 - 30, 2021


Grandma is so excited about 2021!


Yes, 2020 was quite....interesting. However, Grandma’s telling you to Fix your Crown and Utilize this 2021 Year of Change! The Universe is ever Changing and so should You! The Universe, the World...we live in is Changing! In case 2020 didn't Clear Your Vision.


I repeat... The World we once lived in is going through a major Shift.    Are You Evolving too?

This week’s card focuses on...

                               Getting into the Flow of 2021.


This card(s) will Shine Light on what you are to Keep in Mind, not only over the next two weeks, but throughout the first quarter of 2021. Use this card as a Tool for Setting your Seeds (Intentions & Goals) for Spring 2021. Keep this in mind as you select your card(s).


Keep this in mind as you select your card(s) [1-4] that you are most drawn to.

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