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The B.Y.O.B: Be Your Own Business Series: Business of the Month

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KhepeRa Alyce is a family owned business that is made up of the owner, Danielle, and her 2-year-old daughter, Zuri. While Zuri is not helping much these days, she is definitely part of the Inspiration. Khepera means “The one who creates himself” and Alyce, which is Danielle’s middle name, means “of the nobility”. KhepeRa Alyce is about the Power of Self-Healing and Transforming your Life into what you want it to Be.

Determined to Break Generational curses and start something Noble, that not only could she pass down to her child, but also incorporate her at a young age, KhepeRa Alyce started at a time when Danielle was most lost in her life but finally Learning to Embrace the darkness surrounding her for what it was. She had been wounded and was finally started to see the light. As she was finding herself, she wanted to share her Self-Healing with others. It started with a paid tarot reading, which led to a regular Meditation and Yoga practice and self-taught Tarot sessions. A lot of reading, research and meditation took place and before Spirit led Danielle to start doing readings for others. 

During Danielle’s 32nd birthday trip to Jamaica, the idea for creating jewelry came about as she shopped for a bracelet to purchase for Zuri and was taken aback by the price. This Inspired and Motivated her to create KhepaRa Alyce.  This was perfect because Danielle could still incorporate Zuri into the business by creating something for and with her, simultaneously. With each piece created, Danielle add a spiritual twist to it by blessing it in the sunlight or moon light surrounded by crystals. After some time, the piece is then smudged to remove any negativity of the piece and packaged and shipped. It’s a piece of her to you, sending love and light and positivity.

In addition to tarot readings and custom jewelry, KhepeRa Alyce also offers oil therapy, which is based off the 38 essential flower essences studied and created by Edward Bach. Bach’s flower remedies are solutions of brandy and water—the water containing extreme dilutions of flower material developed by Edward Bach, an English homeopath, in the 1930s. Bach claimed that dew found on flower petals retained imagined healing properties of that plant. Danielle incorporates these flower remedies in with her tarot practice through oracle cards and a dosed amount of oil as a cleansing and re-tuning therapy.

Finding that sometimes there is a need for mental release, KhepeRa Alyce most recently added venting sessions to list of services offered. For $10.10 you can call a number and just vent everything that you need to get off your chest. The call is completely confidential and there is no time limit. You have a friend at KhepeRa Alyce. Advice is only offered if requested. This is basically a safe space to say what you need and have someone there to just listen. Bottling up emotions causes stress and stress affects everyone differently but its never a positive effect. At the end of the call, there is a one card tarot pull offered at no additional cost. KhepeRa Alyce will soon be offering herbal teas and cannabutter available for local purchase.

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KhepeRa Alyce


Instagram: @kheperaalyce

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